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College Graduates Entering the Workforce
Your Growth Partner 23/05/20170 Comments
College graduation season is upon us, and many freshly educated minds are on the hunt for the perfect employer. As a business owner, it is important to consider recent graduates as potential employees. There are many positives of hiring a student that can lead to a wide range of advantages. From accepting lower salary costs, to having a young, eager employee, there are many reasons why a business should hire recent college grad. No matter what your needs, giving a student their first employment opportunity could prove to be an extremely wise long-term decision for your business.

Comfort Level with New Technology:

In recent years, businesses rely more on technology. College graduates usually have more knowledge on how to navigate through new technology. Because a portion of the current workforce started their careers before computer technology took over the business world, a lot of individuals don’t have the ability to follow many computer processes and applications. Younger generations are more dependent on computer technology than ever. Recent college grads will be able to quickly learn all a businesses’ computer applications.

Saving on Yearly Employee Salaries:

An advantage of hiring a recent graduate is the lower cost of the employees’ yearly salary. Candidates with more experience naturally require a higher salary. This can mean a difference of ten to twenty thousand dollars, and can cause many employers to be reluctant to pursue an older candidate. One of the most appealing aspects of hiring a student is the fact that, due to their lack of experience, a business can offer a lower employee compensation package.

Fast change and agility:

The business world is full of intense competition and rapid change. If you’re going to be successful, you’re going to need agile individuals who are capable of fast change. Fortunately, college grads have a combination of youth and an excitement for trying new things that makes them more willing to accept and adapt to rapid change. They’re also agile and as a result they can shift rapidly and frequently between unrelated tasks.

Along with the points mentioned above, recent college grads are more inclined to travel for business, comfortable with social media, open to new ideas, and have a lot of energy to bring to the workplace. When looking to hire a new employee, consider recent college graduates! They can be a valuable asset to your team.

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Written By: Lindsey Baird | WSC Business Solutions
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