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Reducing your business expenses is not just a matter of cutting cash outflows randomly. You need to analyze and target the specific expenses that can be reduced, and identify ways to stretch your dollar. This will help to reduce your companies over a Read More
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No matter how great your business plan is, how profitable you are, or how many investors you have, you cannot run a successful business without properly managed cash flow. Webster’s dictionary defines cash flow as a measure of an organization's liq Read More
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As a business owner, you wear many hats and have a lot of activities on your plate. Joining a networking group like a Chamber of Commerce may seem out of the question, but it’s something you should consider. Memberships in the local chamber can off Read More
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Being a small business owner during tax season may not only be stressful, but can also be confusing especially if you plan on filing on your own. Which IRS forms do you need to fill out, what can you deduct, what can you do if you need more time? T Read More
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Every business is different when it comes to the specific needs of the company. However, there are a few departments that almost every company needs to be successful. No matter what the size or industry, some sort of organizational structure is neede Read More
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The internet has made many things easier in our lives. However, with ease comes many complications, such as hacking and the need to increase your security. In this day in age we are more skeptical about things that we find online, but we also leave Read More
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Did the IRS send you a text message or email? If so, then you may be a potential victim of the new wave of phishing. Phishing is when a scammer emails or text messages individuals, pretending to be a reputable company to induce individuals reveal p Read More
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As a taxpayer, you have only one filing status when it comes to your taxes. A person’s filing status determines which tax rate and deduction amounts apply to a specific return. It also determines which tax form you’ll need to fill out. Taxpayers Read More
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Whether you’re just starting out or deciding to revamp your business, one of the biggest decisions that you will initially have to make, is how you plan to register and form your organization. Between a S Corp, C Corp, LLC, and Sole Proprietor, wh Read More
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As a business owner, there are many deductions you can claim that you may not be aware of. With tax season coming up, it is important to know exactly what can be deducted in order to take advantage of your full refund. Below is a list of a few items Read More