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Payroll Services

SUPPORT PLAN LEVELS                                                                                        


Billed Monthly on a 12 month contract                                                                                                                                                                  

Payroll Services Includes:

  • Payroll set up on selected Payroll Software:

  • Employee Data Transfer to new system;

  • Direct deposit payments to employees (Subject to restrictions);

  • Garnishment & Deduction Administration;

  • Payroll Compliance Updates;

  • Payroll Tax Administration and Reporting;

  • Paid Time Off Accruals and Management;

  • Payroll Accounting;

  • Electronic Record Management


Tailored for the self-employed and/or a business with less than 5 employees




Essential plan for a small business with 6 to 10 employees




Perfect plan for a medium-sized business with 11 to 25 employees



Plan Includes the following Back office Support:

  • Dedicated Growth Partner Associate and Consultations

  • Document Management

  • Daily Off-site Backups on secure cloud server

  • Access to reports    

Add-on Services

Setup of Payroll online software includes: set up of employee information, social security numbers; set up of tax id numbers and rates; set up of check date and pay frequency; set up of bank account information (Company & employees:; set up of pre-set earnings & deductions; set up shipping address; set up of prior balances (if applicable)

Payroll Clean Up and Catch UP: Reconciliation of filings & W2s/W3s to financial records;  Includes W2 addresses, employee names, social security numbers and payroll totals.